Network Solution

Ensure Connectivity

The performance of an organization’s network infrastructure and telecom service directly impacts personnel at all levels. Networks connect local employees, as well as those scattered across the map, and provide access to essential information and applications.

As a result, network solutions need to provide consistent speed and quality of service, even as new users and robust business applications are introduced.

Trusted Advisors

For more than 40 years, MCPc has been a trusted technology advisor to customers. We work closely with thousands of customers to diagnose issues, define short- and long-term objectives, and then procure, implement and manage the right technology to guarantee maximum network efficiency. We also take the time to consider the end-to-end implications of network updates to minimize downtime and ensure a seamless integration.


Through our partnerships with the leading technology manufacturers and telecom carriers, we can offer the broadest range of products and pricing options. In addition, we are privy to information about manufacturer end-of-life dates and are certified to service and support the technology we recommend.

Our Network Products and Services

Assessment and Optimization Services

Identify any network performance issues, and situate your IT infrastructure to support both short- and long-term performance and communication objectives. 


Provide all the components that make up today’s complex LAN environments. The more complex your network is in terms of size, structure and connectivity needs the more critical network infrastructure design and technologies become. When upgrading your network or implementing a new system careful planning, successful implementation and ongoing support is needed to keep your network running at its peak efficiency.

Wireless LAN Technology

Free your end users from the constraints of traditional LANs by converting your network to wireless. Wireless technologies, and the inclusion of wireless network interface cards in computers and mobile devices, have given organizations of all sizes the ability to provide quality network and Internet connectivity to a large number of users, without the constraints of cables.

College campuses can provide Internet to students without the need for hardwire connections; small businesses can offer customers Internet access; and enterprises can ensure employees remain connected to the network no matter what part of the building they are in.

To ensure you provide the greatest wireless coverage to your end users, let MetaWeb Africa work with your IT experts to deliver a wireless solution that guarantees reliability, speed and security.

Unified Communications

Improve communication and collaboration through integration of voice, video, data and mobility applications. Unified Communications solutions are dramatically altering the way organizations communicate and collaborate. Through the integration of voice, video and messaging applications organizations are seeing significant improvements in operating efficiencies that result in significant cost savings. Solutions that span across a number of business applications, including:
  • Conferencing — Improve your ability to collaborate with customers or colleagues by hosting online conferences that combine audio, video, messaging and desktop sharing. You will no longer have to travel hundreds of miles to experience the value of a face-to-face meeting.
  • Call Centers — Quickly route calls coming into your customer service center to the next available attendant or to an agent with a specific skill set for efficient handling of customer questions or issues.
  • Messaging — Identify available co-workers and send them an instant message with one click. If needed, a second click transforms your IM into a videoconference with desktop sharing.
  • Voicemail — Simplify the process of listening to voicemails by sending them to your email account. Click and listen to an audio file in place of dialing in and manually retrieving messages.
  • VoIP — Using your broadband connection make, receive, forward and delegate calls through your computer, phone or mobile device.

Network Security

Protect your IT environment from internal and external threats, and safeguard the integrity and privacy of your network. Protecting the overall integrity and privacy of your network is an ongoing battle as new security threats arise every day. Fortunately, there are a number of safeguards available that limit your susceptibility to breaches.
  • Assessment

For those organizations looking to ensure they are completely protected, we offer full network security assessment services. Using leading technology applications, our security professionals do a full diagnostic analysis of your network to identify possible weaknesses and make sure you are in compliance with security regulations.

  • Security Offerings

Based on this assessment, we work with you to design and implement a comprehensive security strategy.

As a partner of the leading network-security hardware and software manufacturers in the industry, we provide the broadest range of product solutions. As a result, you have options in regard to the level of protection and pricing. Our breadth of security offerings includes:

  • Antivirus, anti-spam and anti-phishing software
  • Web filtering and content censoring programs
  • Network monitoring units
  • User ID and password login applications
  • Video surveillance equipment

Depending on your internal capabilities, we can also support your IT department in the integration of new technology products or upgrades. In doing so, we guarantee proper configuration and compatibility.

Telecommunications Carrier Services

Guarantee consistent connectivity and broadband access through proper telecommunications carrier service selection and implementation. Your telecommunication carrier service is one of the biggest factors impacting your network’s reliability and speed. Working with the right carrier to procure sufficient broadband access and proper service plays a significant role in your network’s effectiveness and monthly IT expenses. We offer telecom consulting and customizable project management services to support your organization in any capacity, including:

  • Contract consolidation and management
  • Network technology procurement and optimization
  • LAN and WAN connectivity management
  • Ongoing assessment and update recommendations

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